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Tzatziki Export 200 gr

Tzatziki Export 200 gr

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Tzatziki Export 200 gr Tzatziki Export 200 gr Tzatziki Export 200 gr Tzatziki Export 200 gr Tzatziki Export 200 gr
Item number: 5000521
Barcode: 5202044809105
Preservation: Keep refrigerated. Refrigerated at up to 7 °C
Shelf life: 75 Days
Net weight: 200g
Dimensions: 138mmX96mmX30mm
Palletization: 8 units per box / 16 box on each pallet
Package: -
Content: 30% strained yoghurt from cow's milk, 30% fresh cucumber, milk (contains lactose), powdered milk, milk proteins, lactic acid culture, vegetable fats, gelatin, vegetable oil (soy, sunflower), garlic, table salt, dill, flavourings, modified wheat starch (contains gluten) and corn starch, acidifier: lactic acid, preservatives: 0.075% sodium benzoate, 0.075% potassium sorbate.


Nutritional Value Per 100gr product Per portion 80g product *GDA/Portion
Energy 118Kcal  94,4Kcal  4,7% 
Proteins 3,7g  3,0g  5,9% 
Carbohydrates 4,5g  3,6g  1,4% 
Of which Sugar 2,7g  2,2g  2,4% 
Fat 9,3g  7,4g  10,6% 
Saturated fatty acids 5,1g  4,1g  20,4% 
Salt 1,34g  1,1g  17,9% 
GDA: Indicative Daily consumption for adult. 2000Kcal daily
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