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Tuna Salad 2 kg

Tuna Salad 2 kg

Amvrosia :: Bulk

Tuna Salad 2 kg Tuna Salad 2 kg Tuna Salad 2 kg Tuna Salad 2 kg Tuna Salad 2 kg
Item number: 5000702
Barcode: 5202088100077
Preservation: Keep refrigerated. Refrigerated at up to 7 °C
Shelf life: 75 Days
Net weight: 2Kg
Dimensions: 260mmX180mmX64mm
Palletization: 2 units per box /
Package: -
Content: Mayonnaise (vegetable oil [soy, sunflower], water, vinegar, sugar, egg yolk, mustard [mustard seed], salt, thickeners: modified wheat starch [contains gluten] and corn starch, guar gum and xanthan gum, acidity regulator: citric acid), 24% tuna, carrot, pickles (cucumber, salt, vinegar), dill, flavourings, preservatives: 0.075% sodium benzoate, 0.075% potassium sorbate.


Nutritional Value Per 100gr product Per portion 80g product *GDA/Portion
Energy 256Kcal  204,8Kcal  10,2% 
Proteins 2,0g  1,6g  3,2% 
Carbohydrates 9,2g  7,4g  2,8% 
Of which Sugar 3,0g  2,4g  2,7% 
Fat 23,0g  18,4g  26,3% 
Saturated fatty acids 2,0g  1,6g  8,0% 
Salt 1,75g  1,4g  23,3% 
GDA: Indicative Daily consumption for adult. 2000Kcal daily
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