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Environment Awareness

Environment Awareness Policy
Η ΕΔΕΣΜΑ ΑΕΒΕ έχει την φήμη της εταιρίας με ποιοτικά αναβαθμισμένα προϊόντα

Our business ethics are grounded in timeless values, especially integrity, honesty and trust.

We are committed to sound ethical business conduct and have earned membership status in international bodies that uphold corporate ethical responsibility, such as Sound Environmental Management and Ecological Care (ISO 14001). The company’s environmental policy can be broken up into the following components:

  • Maintenance of a modern biological wastewater treatment (a procedure before being diverted to the main biological treatment facility of the Industrial Area)
  • Natural gas consumption for lower emissions and modern heaters for improved combustion without losses
  • Use of a photovoltaic solar park of 100KW on the factory roof for the production of clean electricity diverted to the PPC
  • Saving energy by use of tubular daylight devices to introduce sunlight into production areas, instead of conventional artificial lighting
  • Using capacitors on machinery to reduce electricity consumption
  • Recycling oil and batteries in accordance with ISO 14001 standards
  • Earning the “Green Dot” sign - the license symbol of a European network for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods
  • Establishment and control of annual ecological goals in accordance with ISO 14001 standards.

Our environmentally conscious company policy is one that we take seriously. “Edesma, S.A” will continue to operate with concern and sensitivity towards the environment and is committed to setting even higher ecological goals.

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